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19 December, 2016

Creating a Tornado charts in LibreOffice Calc

Tornado charts help us to display opposite sides of one and the same process. This is not just a nice view, but the intuitive display of the process. In this article I will try to show a quick and easy way to build this type of charts in LibreOffice Calc. For example, such as this:

04 December, 2016

Command-line arguments in LibreOffice

The last few weeks I've been doing a patch in the Help associated with the bug tdf#100836. It seems that there is a file that describes everything, and it need to only move into the code, but not everything is simple. First, this help appears in the console mode, and it had been very desolate. On Windows system, it opens in the window that does not have a scroll bar instead to show it in the console. Secondly, mistakes were found at the time of writing, and they should be corrected before placing in the Help. As a result, instead of a single patch was made already 3: I did two (1, 2) and one was done Mike Kaganski. And as a fact, it requires further improvement, but unfortunately, I already have tired from writing of it. And since this Help will appear only next summer in the LibreOffice 5.4, I give it here, as always, with minor explanations. I hope that someone else will improve this help to the release, and you can enjoy more good official Help.

01 December, 2016

Philosophical thinking about styles and templates, or "Where the iceberg basis is hidden?"

Reading articles about working in LibreOffice on various websites, including blogs, I always meet with the lack of understanding, which makes these articles fit only for a basic use. However, for the office, and for people who often use LibreOffice and not want to think about how entry should be shown, but only what they are writing, the concept of styles and templates is very important. This article is not a lesson of use, but an attempt to give the rod, frame, idea, around which it will be possible to strengthen your knowledge. And I hope that it will help you to bring together existing and easier to accept new ones.

26 November, 2016

Protecting Content in LibreOffice Writer form unpremeditated changes

On last week Mike Kaganski (one form Russian developers) asks me to correct a few things in the Help. In the fact, the speech was about addition a few strings in an article about protection of contents in LibreOffice Writer. But, when I started to work with the article, I understood that the article must be completely rewritten. I pushed the patch to gerryt. And I hope that the article will be available already in the Help of 5.3 version. In the blog, I would like to give additional explanations and at the same time to tell about some things which was not appropriate for the Help, in my opinion.

17 November, 2016

SUM, AutoSum and some other secrets of LibreOffice Calc

When I started to write this article, I thought it would be brief note for beginners. But in the process of writing, I found quite a lot of information that was illuminated within this theme. As a result, the article grew to pretty large size. And I hope that the material presented here will be useful not only to people beginning their way into Calc, but also for people who have long enjoyed a spreadsheet.