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I write this blog from several reason. On the one hand, I have my thoughts about software, and I would like to share it, on the other hand, I am a constant contributor to the documentation LibreOffice (about 3 years), and there are thinks that I cannot say in the documentation, but which can be important to users.

In the main I make the contribution to wiki TDF. Additionally, I have a wiki bot for routine tasks and try keep clean our wiki. However, I make contribute not only wiki, but also to the Help LibreOffice, user support, marketing (mainly to Russian marketing) and now create additional articles to users under open license.

I have a degree in Applied Computer Science in the services and I have real experience (about 20 years) in the software development for the enterprises (since formulation of the problem, the design development, a implementation in the code, and ending with the final product documentation and the user support). This experience allows me to see many weaknesses in the Open Source software and to try to improve some products, mainly LibreOffice.

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Besides software, my interests are robotics, history, philosophy, travel and mountaineering.

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